Thursday, April 7, 2011

Those Scurvy Rabbits!!!!!

I don't even know. But that is what Ainsley said as we were looking at the damage done to our sad little garden. I took the following picture AFTER we put the little fence up around the garden. He was just sitting their, looking at the garden, all fat and happy with strawberries and green peppers in his stomach, wondering where his next meal will come from.

No doubt it will come from the flowers I just planted in the front yard.

My family has a long standing feud going on with wild animals. Sometime i will have to tell you about 1. the bird in my house 2. the racoons that threw a brick on my dads car 3. the armadillo that ran around my parents neighborhood with a rake impaled in his back and 4. the mouse that me, aaron, and my mom tried to catch in my parents kitchen. I will go ahead and tell you now that my sole contribution to the mouse episode was standing on the kitchen table and screaming like a little girl.

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