Sunday, May 31, 2009

Not my best idea ever...Thankyou God for sharpees (This post was not edited so please accept my apologies)

The other day I was a target and decided to get the girls swimsuits. I had a few of the girls with me so I couldn't linger and really think about styles and sizes like i like to do. So, hoping to keep it simple, I quickly decided I would get the girls the exact same swimsuit. I was hoping to avoid the "but I want one like abbey's" or "but, I wanted a pink one too" business. Because you know how it is. Just when you think you've got your kids and their preferences figured out they change them.

So anyway, I buy three of the exact same swimsuit in three different sizes and take them home.
We finally decide it is time to go play in the water so I go to get the swimsuits out and start taking off the price tags. Enter brilliant idea #2 - I think to my self, "Self, you just know that Ainsley is going to say that the tag on the inside is scratchy so lets just go ahead and cut that out. While your at it just cut everybody's tags out so you don't have to run back inside for the scissors when abbey decides that hers is scratchy too."

I was so proud of myself until we decided to play in the water again. The swimsuits were in various stages of dirty clothes basket, dryer, and floor. So I grab a swim suit off of the floor, look at it and think "these all look just alike. I'm going to have to look at the tag to see whose it is...OH WAIT...I cut all those out. OK, well I just find them all and compare them." So I proceed with this plan but can only find two. I put the bigger one on ainsley and the smaller one on abbey. Later I found the third one and discover that Ainsley has on abbey's and abbey has on alivia's. I thought they seemed a little snug.

Next summer=3 different swimsuits and they can wear it or go naked.

Love, Aud :)

By the way, can I get a shout out for our white trash swimming pool? Anybody? Holla.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Why Not?

Last Wednesday was just one of those days. You know those days I'm talking about right? Like when you load the kids up in the car and go to sonic just so you can be off your feet for half a second and those precious angels are tied down, er, I mean buckled safely in their car seats and therefore unable to wreak havoc. And just when you think, ahhh, and take a deep breath, you realize that someone has dropped their orange slush in the car and the bottom has busted open. Which results in you running across the sonic parking lot to the trash can in your bare feet with sticky orange slush making tracks down your arm. And of course you have nothing to clean it up with so you head home where you proceed to spill a red slush on the only untouched part of the floorboard. You feel me?

Apparently the memory of that sonic trip had faded enough that when "one of those days" rolled around again last wednesday, I decided once again that an outing was just what the dr. ordered. So for whatever reason we decided to try a place here in tulsa called Kupcakz. We walked in and I just knew that the girls would want this....

I mean it's pink and sparkly. Nuff said.

But instead they ordred this....

Go figure.

So anyway, we get our cupcakes and sit down and start eating. We were just finishing up when the lady came out and asked how we liked our cupcakes. They were delicious and I said as much. Then she noticed that my precious angels had just licked the frosting off and said "Did you know we sell frosting shots? It's a shot glass full of frosting. That way you don't have to buy the whole cupcake."

Well, several things immediatly crossed my mind. First, I was slightly appalled because what would "they" think if "they" knew that I fed my children a shot glass full of frosting?! That quickly gave way to "These people are genius. Where have they been all my life?" I bet that the Kupcakz people would give me permission to give this to abbey for dinner...

You have no idea how much food and elbow grease would be saved if I could do that. Unfortunately, it's against "the rules." Because "they" say that I need to feed my children a healthy balanced diet with lots of veggies. And "they" say to keep offering them to your children even if they continually gag at the mere smell of broccoli (not even kidding). So, I will continue to do what "they" say but every once in a while you can bet we will be found at Kupcakz where "they" have no say and frosting shots are not only allowed but recommended.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Check-up, Garage Sale, and My Most Recent Investment

****This is the second of two posts tonight. I wrote one back in april and just got around to finishing it up and posting it. So scroll down to April 21st for the other one.*****

Hello! So it's been too long again. Things are staying busy around here and I don't get to do this nearly as often as I would like to. I don't really have anything major to blog about but since it's been so long I have a lot of little tid bits you might find interesting or entertaining :).

Alivia had her 15 month checkup today. It went great. She is tall and skinny and can only say three (well 2 for certain) words. Dr. Freed assured me this was normal considering she has two older sisters who are more than happy to speak for her. Here she is at fifteen months. It is possible that I might have given her an oreo to eat while we drove home from the grocery store. Or it is possible that she chose to eat dirt that I was using to fill in holes in the back yard. Or it's possible that both of those things happened within about an hour of each other and I can't remember which event the picture is from.

Speaking of the store. Whenever i can I go to Reasor's because they have the carts with the cars on the front that the kids can get in and drive. It really is a hysterical scene. The girls LOVE to do this. (And what mother doesn't love pushing around what is basically a stretch limo with a squeaky wheel and a bumper sticker that says "this vehicle makes wide turns". Can I get an Amen moms?) So we have been to Reasor's twice in the last 4 days. And both times the same man has talked to the girls while I am checking out. He always says "What are you boys doing?!" And Ainsley and Abbey both look out at him from inside their plastic grocery cart car and do not say a word. Not one. Just staring. Finally, at dinner tonight Ainsley says, "Mom, I think if we were boys that man would have called us girls."

We participated in our neighborhood garage sale this last weekend. I loved it. I love having garage sales. I hate going to them. It just feels sooooo good to get rid of all that stuff. At some point during the day someone in the family tried to sell Alivia for a dollar. Fortunately, we did not have any takers. I think they could tell by looking at her what a little toot she is.

And with the proceeds from the garage sale I am getting this.

(Just the blue stuff. Not the yellowy stuff and for sure not the swans.) I am absolutely thrilled about it. I have been searching high and low for a duvet cover that is pretty, yet not to pretty for a man to sleep under..."in", yet not so "in" that it will be out in a month...not floral, and not crazy hurt you eyes pattern---(I am sitting here with ains while she watches a movie...she just asked me what a gentleman was. I said "a man who is nice".(That's right. Just call me Audrey Webster) She said "daddy is a gentleman". I just want to squeeze her sometimes.)---anyway, I think you get my drift about the duvet cover.

Please keep comments to yourself unless they are along the lines of "Oh my goodness. That is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It is classic, timeless, you will love it forever, and it will make aaron feel like a man...kind of. Well, Audrey, it's for sure more manly than that green and pink, flowery, ruffley garden mess you make that poor fellow sleep under right now." Seriously. I've already bought it. And I spent A LOT of money on it. I don't need seeds of doubt. Feel free to copy and paste that quote in your comments.

Finally, we have had two days in a row of great weather. Tonight after dinner the girls got to run around in the yard and play. They had a blast. Here are some pictures of their rosy cheeks :).

Love, Aud :)