Thursday, April 7, 2011

The answer to my question and a small rant...

We have a answer! My sweet cousin Kim at Wallace Family was kind enough do some research. Here is what she found...

"I have wondered too! SO, I did a quick interent search and apparently you are to respond individually to the person (via email usually). Since I personally know all the commenters on my blog, that is not a problem. If you have random commenters, you have to click on their blog/profile and find their email (which sounds like a big pain to me). At this point I get 0-4 comments-usually 0-per post, so this doesn't seem like a hard task to accomplish! :)" -Kim

AGAIN!!! I can't get out of italics!!!! Blast. Anywho...thank you Kim :) Now we can all be polite least when it comes to responding to comments. I have a feeling this is just a drop in the bucket people. And just to get it out there...I am not good friends with Mrs. Manners. I think my mom still is a little worried about showing her face in public because it's possible that I did not finish my graduation thank you notes. Or my wedding thank you notes. Or my baby shower thank you notes. And while I'm on the subject...graduations and weddings are one thing. But honestly, could there possibly be a worse time to have to write and send thank you notes than when you have birthed a child. Let me just tell you. No. There could not. Having said that, I also need to be fair and say that my life has been furnished by showers and our Lord in heaven. So, I am absolutely grateful for all those things. I honestly just wish my face to face "thank you so much" at the shower was sufficient.


  1. Good to know!! Thank you Audrey and thank you I am in the know and will do my best to respond correctly!

  2. I still can't figure it out! I tried to reply to Carla and couldn't. Boo. I guess I'll post a disclaimer that states something like "Thank you in advance for your comments. I don't know how to thank you later." haha

  3. The "word verification" from my last post was eynstein. I think the computer was trying to tell me something about my lack of intelligence. Ha!

  4. Audrey this is Kelly Dillow, and I could not agree with you more about the baby shower notes. I wrote most of mine up in the few weeks between the shower and when I had Atticus, but if I didn't send them before I had him well.... they are still in a pile at my parents' house.